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Originally Posted by coolblue123 View Post
BLX Pro sounds like a nice stick! Is it like a Aero Pro clone?

dinner is clay pot rice with chicken, ginger, and chinese sausage (sap & HW, insert your punchline here...) =P

So addicted in making this now, cause i have the small lacquered clay pots. I got one of them from the Korean Supermarkets. And I learned how to make rice from it now. Great portion control. Kinda like a personal pan pizza but rice instead.

Speaking for racquets, has anyone played with a St. Vincent or Chicago version of the pro staff before? I was curious why it is so sought after and demand such a high price? Is it cause it's rare?
IIRC - Pete preferred the pro staffs made in St. Vincent, I think he felt they were made better or had better feel. He bought their whole inventory of rackets from Wilson before the factory was shut down.
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