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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post

1 - anyone have any thoughts on these racquets: 2012 blx six one team (16x18 and less than 11 ounces), the 2012 blx tour (new white and orange paint jobby - less than 11 ounces), BB delta core london.

2 - what's for lunch people? i'm thinking banh mi but there isn't a place really close to work. may have to trek a bit.
1. Tour looks cool. But it'll be alot different than your EXO Tour's. It's close to even balance so ur volleys and serves is definitely going to feel different. You're probably going to love groundstrokes alot more. London is good. It'll play more like your EXO. And it's pretty customizable bcz it's pretty light. (11.1 oz I think) My last one is in a nicer home now where it'll be free from pressures of a 3 racquet home.

2. Thinking about Kohinoor Dhaba. I used to go there weekly. If you love Butter Chicken, you should check out their buffet. Another no-frills place. But their food (buffet) is excellent!

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