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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
I have read some threads on here where people are getting winded after 1 set in the major heat and humidity. I have the same issue, combined with sweating a ton. Even though a lot of it is related to the elements, I know I can be in better shape.

I have analyzed multiple things. I am currently at around 12-14% (calipher) body fat which is nice, but I have a lot of muscle and am built like a sprinter (which I was for a while). So I plan to lean down a little more and lose 8-10 pounds.

So the first thing I am doing is 1-2 weeks of low carbing. I always do this when I start a diet. For me, low carbing is not too difficult as it is mainly replacing oatmeal as my first meal with eggs. I don't think low carb is a healthy long term diet, but I do believe in it as a way to start things off.

The rest of my meals are simple..salad with grilled chicken and bleu cheese dressing, tuna fish, fruits..lots of water.

Long term I plan on eating salad a lot more often as I find it the easiest way to eat healthy and it never really gets old for me.

As someone with back issues, I would also highly recommend Hoka One One shoes. You'll look like a clown (like me ) but for longer runs, I've never used a better shoe. Very stable, very light and only ~ 4-5 mm drop. My joints don't even feel like I've been on a run these days and that's saying a lot with my history. I still like race shoes/flats for sprints but the Hokas are fantastic for longer distances.

So I have been doing this for a few days and have noticed more energy to exercise instead of the opposite. In the long run, I am going to need that oatmeal before I go play tennis, but short term this is the 2 week plan. Before I go hit, I eat beef jerky for some no carb "fuel".

As for workouts : every other day I am on a pushup regime. I do this to replace benchpress which I believe can really irritate the shoulder for tennis if you have been a gym rat for years such as myself. I do 3 sets in 2 minutes and go 30-18-10 (reps). I use normal, wide and close hand positions and spread these out throughout the day.

In the gym, I am focusing on core and pulls. deadlifts (not real heavy ones anymore), pulldowns, ab rotation, Bicycles (abs). Then a shoulder day with some triceps thrown in.

I also got a jump rope and want to use that for 20 minutes every few days.

The final change up, and this could be the big one, is running. I was not running at all..I mean ever, besides tennis. So I am training for a 5k, which is not that hard. I can run 2.5 miles or so without stopping in 23 minutes so far, and to me that is not super great, but not bad considering my only running fitness is tennis.

I definitely feel it in my muscles in a different way from running. Calves and thighs burn differently. To me it is a good sign that this is something I need to do. I want to run a 5k in september, so I plan to run 3-5 times a week and play tennis a little less (2-3 times a week).

Anyway, my logic is all of this should lean me down more, get my on court fitness up, and hopefully reduce how much I am sweating as well. Feel free to post your experiences.
If you have access to squash courts, I would highly suggest it as a great cross-training tool. Some will say it messes up their tennis strokes but I regularly play squash and racquetball and have never had a problem. I ran a 10 k at ~ 8 minute/mile pace a few years back only having played squash 3-4 times/week, no running at all. It's a nice substitute for a run day.

Do you think you may be overworking your tris doing push ups q other day, along with compound lifts and a shoulder/tri day?

If you are eating tuna (particularly albacore) multiple times per week, consider other lower mercury/contaminant fish/seafood.

If you are playing tennis 3 times per week, I might not run up to 5 times per week. If you play tennis 3 days, run 3-4 days.

At least 8 hours of sleep q night.
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