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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
These are all great points.

I definitely need tuna alternatives.

I will give the tris a rest. I guess I am still skeptical of pushups doing so much, but they really are that good.

I think you are right 3-4 days a week is a good target for running. No squash courts here that I know of.

This whole thing was an eye opener for me as I thought I was in good shape (and I am compared to most people), but there is a level of fitness that is higher where you can do endurance sports like swimming and running, and I am currently not close to that yet.
Forgot to post this link from Monterey Bay Aquarium, specific to the Southeast:

I've used Hal Higdon's programs multiple times when training for 5 and 10 k races and they have always worked well.

I know what you mean about endurance fitness. I absolutely stink at swimming. I'm not going to drown anytime soon but I have one of those dense body types that the good Lord didn't intend to compete in competetive swimming. It's a good cross training exercise for me but going to swim laps takes a lot of time/is a major inconvenience compared to other activities.

If you really start upping your running, I would also highly recommend Hoka One One shoes.

They are expensive but worth it, IMHO. I have ruptured my L4-L5 twice in the last 10 years (all good for the last 3, knock on wood). I was cleared to run on soft surfaces, keeping my mileage low but was always sore anytime I hit the 4+ mile range. I haven't had a single joint pain since purchasing these shoes early this year. You'll look like a clown (like me), but who cares. They are actually very light (<11 oz) with minimal drop (~ 5mm, I think). I still prefer racing shoes/flats for sprinting but I'm sold on Hokas for longer distances. You're pounding your joints on hard courts, best to limit the pounding from running.
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