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Originally Posted by diredesire View Post
KK, Noel, KanaHimezaki (?), SFrazeur
They have all since been committed after years of dealing with this board.

And you forgot to mention Don H (aka Sysop for those of you who were around at the beginning of TT.)

How are moderators selected?

Have you heard of karma or pre-destination? The Circles of Hell from Dante's Inferno?

Obviously, the moderators are being punished for their sins in a past life. They believe they "volunteered" for the position, but actually it was all part of the divine plan to make them dearly pay for past misdeeds.

All kidding aside, if there is a truly thankless job, it is being a moderator on a message board. Especially one that has many (as in way too many) kids on it.

Hats off to TT moderators, past and present, for trying to keep a lid on this asylum.

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