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Hi all. I'm about 90% sure I'll be playing with these in the fall (always need to leave myself an out). Love the serve and vollies with this stick which is paramount for me since I primarily play dubs. I'm also a terrible slicer and I can actually slice pretty well with these. The only quibble is I do wish groundstrokles were a little tighter. I do have a few fly long (particularly when I'm on the move) that I don't see see happen in more controlled oriented sticks. This just could be nature of the beast and, of course, user error. I've tinkered around with tensions and have had arm issues in the past, but have been playing well with full bed VS Team 17G at 60lbs. I also put 2" of lead on both sides at 10 and 2. I suppose I could remove the lead to tame the groundstrokes, but it really adds some nice sizzle on serve. Love to hear any suggestions. For reference, I'm an average 4.0 with a poor man's all court game. Love the net, but run into the problems transitioning from the baseline.
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