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I'll be cleared to run in a week or two. I'll probably start putting in 30-40 mile weeks following a training schedule that aims to have me run a 10K in 40 minutes (a mix of long runs, tempo runs, and track training). 6:30 pace. If things go well, I might try to run a marathon at the 3-hour mark in the spring (6:52 pace). The main goal here really is to run the 3:15 qualifying time (7:26 pace) for Boston as a 40th birthday present to myself (pretty sad, I know) and to run Boston in 2014. By April, I should for sure be able to hit tennis balls as hard as I want.

These are the training books I've always used:

As far as shoes, if you don't know, have someone determine if you run neutral, or if you are a pronator or supinator. For me, any neutral shoe is as good as another. I aim for a 10-11 oz. shoe. These are the ones I recently bought (because they are cheap). Running warehouse has a coupon code: fb15d. Saves 15%.

"Chi running" isn't a bad site for learning a bit about how to run and stay injury free. As far as I can gather "chi running" = midfoot striking / relaxed, tension free running (but chi runnning obviously sounds cooler):

Though losing weight is incompatible with "training style running", I would also like to lose a few pounds. I'll aim at ~2 lbs. / month. By the spring, if things go well, I can drop 15-20 lbs. My "dieting" plan is to continue to cook the recipes on these saucing sites:

What should you put the sauces on (if you just make a sauce)? These books are a nice way to cook meat (braising and roasting):

Confit is another nice method for cooking any type of meat (not just duck). Choose a cut of meat with enough fat (so if you choose to confit pork, use a butt or shoulder). You don't need to use duck fat (though its nice). Something like canola oil works fine (I know, the horror).

I do pistol squats and bicycles every other day. I'll add in upper body training when I'm cleared. When healthy, I do resistance training twice a week, though I mess around with handstand pressing, etc while watching TV if I feel like it. These parallettes are nice for L-sits, V-sits, handstand pressing / pushups, planche progressions. Rings are nice for back levers, front levers, pullups, dips, muscleups, etc.
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