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Originally Posted by tennistim View Post
I have played a league match against another club where the server was hitting very soft, short 2nd serves. The same guy was also poor at judging the ball when at the net. Therefore, I hit a lot of balls straight at the net player. Most were hit from 3/4 court (just in from the baseline) so it wasn't too dangerous. If I was at the net, I aimed for their feet.

Although this play wasn't challenged in any way, I think some opponents would probably protest if it happened too often. This protesting could be used as a tactic.

What is the done thing at high club level?
Sort of depends on how soft is "soft". It is correct to punish poor second serves to the point where either the netman moves back to the baseline on second serves or the server hits higher percentage (easier) first serves or hits harder (more likely to DF) second serves. If those things aren't happening, you aren't punishing the second serve enough.

Of course "etiquette" is quite varied, that is, never underestimate the chance that some random individual will have the capacity to get their nose out of joint for any ol' reason. You can't regulate that. You can predict it and you can make the choice to have the preknowledge change your behavior, but that is your choice.

From a strictly logical standpoint if you tag the netman he should be angry at either himself for not going to the baseline, or his partner for the powderpuff serves.

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