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Originally Posted by 10ismom View Post
Numbers of wildcards are being adjusted. Klu's info might be the new numbers. Does that look more fair, matching smaller draws to you?
My issue is that the poster states what he heard at a meeting,
and uses words such as "do not remember" in reference to factual details.....
And then states that the Board is full of disinformation all in the same paragraph.

Please come here and share information, but the spirit of attacking this board which actually provided the meat for many letters of complaint to the USTA, including Mr. Walkers, is at best disingenuous.

The facts of the wild cards are provided by the USTA themselves..
The members on this board have just COPIED that information and tried to get the word out.

First info on actual facts from this poster has the words - "I do not remember "
from a USTA meeting...

Hopefully, some other posters can remember the actual details and not attack the posters on the board in the same breath.
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