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Originally Posted by michael_1265 View Post
All is fair. That being said, my wife, who is a 2.5 and I are starting to play mixed together. Since 6.0 isn't an option, we will play 6.5, which makes it likely we will face a 4.0 man (I'm a 3.5). Although it is certainly permissible, I might take exception to the 4.0 hitting full-swing forehands at her at the net. There are so many other ways to win (she probably has a far larger hole in her backhand volley than anywhere else), and playing like that shows a lack of grace and sportsmanship. I have yet to run into a higher-level male player who would stoop that low.
I can't get on board, Michael.

If your wife isn't ready to stand close to the net with her racket up to deflect balls struck at her, I say she should probably not play mixed until she can. And she definitely shouldn't play up.

I know I am in the minority, but I think if you can't take the heat, get off the net. Even if you are a woman.
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