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Mike Y
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I play Mixed and it is generally accepted that the woman will get hit at (hard), regardless of her level. Even in Mixed 8.0 practices my 3.5 female partner will get hit at. My 2nd serve is one of my worst shots and is bad for a 4.5, and I sometimes have to pull back my partner to the baseline to keep her from getting crushed if I am struggling with my serve. If you want to win in Mixed you have to hit it at the girl. If you are facing a 3.5 girl/4.5 guy partnership pretty much all of your shots have to go to the girl even if she is at the net and the 4.5 guy is at the baseline. I'll hit it hard toward a 3.5 girl at practice, but I will try not to hit her, though it does happen and I always apologize. In a match, I will constantly hit at her, she can move back if she doesn't like it.
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