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This is what you said:

That is disinformation. Ripken has a national championship tournament. The others aren't state, regional, or national leagues, and the tournaments are first-come-first serve. Year-round? In Cooperstown and Aberdeen? Disinformation.

In the tournaments the others beside Ripken sponsor from time to time you can be assured of playing against a team that can afford the entry fee and travel. You cannot be assured of the level of competition because there are no competitive qualification standards. If you were talking about the USA Baseball East/West Championships or the Arizona Fall Classic or tournaments like that, I would consider them regional/national and competitive. But not the Cooperstown Baseball World tournament...........that's mostly vacation and a chance to visit the Hall of Fame. Maybe that one was Googled

It's not disinformation. My quote said here are "some examples". It wasn't meant to be a comprehensive list or that they were all identical and equal in to Ripken or LL. There are numerous national leagues - ripken, Little League(tm), PONY, there are regional leagues like Dixie (15 southern states, etc) Yes, some are more competitive then others. Some are more elite than others. Some are just tournaments. There is no question about that. But in your nitpicking of the trees, I think you are affirming my larger point vis-a-vis the forest - PMac's analogy to Little League is a bad one, becuase MLB does not control LL, LL is not a monopoly, and there are numerous opportunities for regional and national competition outside of LL.
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