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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Gotta consider.
At decent levels of play, serves are directed towards the backhand side more than the forehand. So where do you think the next serve is going?
Also, most players consider a switch from forehand to backhand the most accurate and easiest to perform. So which grip should we start with?
First serve usually bounce lower to you than kicking second serves.
Slice serves tend to skid and bounce low.
Tendencies. That's all you have to go by.
There is a slight difference between very, very skilled players picking up a cue and acting on it before the ball is struck and remembering what has happened in the match and deciding to take an educated guess and acting on it and yet a third player who just flips a mental coin and makes a move.

Bottom line all are "guessing" in the sense they are NOT observing the ball trajectory and reacting to it.
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