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Originally Posted by mikej View Post
i'm confused by a few things in your post - starting with this [i've edited some of your comments together a bit for brevity, let me know if you think i took anything out of context]:

if Duke isn't far behind UVA, is it really fedace-like bias for someone to suggest that Duke might be the conference favorite? seems to me if two teams are quite close and either could possibly beat the other then different people might have differing rational opinions on which is more likely to pull off a conference

i disagree with your premise that a team that has success in a conference or nationally and returns most players automatically is the favorite until proven otherwise...i've seen plenty of years of college basketball where a great team gets surpassed from one year to the next despite retaining most players (whether by recruiting - I have a lot of faith in redlicki and semenzato making both big singles and big dubs impacts next year - or by players getting better - aka tahir looking awesome this summer compared to being an okay bottom of the lineup player last year)

and i can't tell you how many posts i've seen on in recent years predicting a national championship (sure, plenty telling these people to hold their horses on those predictions also) - were all these UVA posters exposing their fedace-level irrationality by not predicting the returning three-time champs to defend their title?

**edit - as a more concrete example - Clark predicted a lopsided victory for UVA over two-time defending champs USC before that title match in 2011 - is he just one of many fedace-like UVA fans? - not my opinion but it follows from your argument - i didn't know your opinion of him was that low...**

whatever, i indicated in my initial post that i had a bias in this game of choosing the ACC favorite for next year, but your argument that UVA is the only rational choice seems to fly in the face of your initial comments i quoted above and thousands of UVA tennis message board posts during the past few years

sorry for not bowing down to the almighty UVA ACC win streak and upsetting you...boland didn't bow down to Duke's streak of championships when he started building UVA into a top tier program - that's not a winner's attitude
this is the type of post that is well thought out, thank you. perhaps still harsh, but most of us understand it is hard for you.
i would guess most poster would like to hear you sound a bit mote like this (mature), rather then spouting off like FedAce or slashing back at folks you disagree with.
You are learning, slowly learning.

BTW, how is school going?
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