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Originally Posted by matchplay View Post
this is the type of post that is well thought out, thank you. perhaps still harsh, but most of us understand it is hard for you.
i would guess most poster would like to hear you sound a bit mote like this (mature), rather then spouting off like FedAce or slashing back at folks you disagree with.
You are learning, slowly learning.

BTW, how is school going?
lol, dude, thanks for all the backhanded compliments in this forum and the junior one recently

so glad to be receiving them from someone i have zero respect for (is it okay that i didn't thinly veil my dislike for you with some pseudo-nice-words???)

and school is fine buddy, applying for residency spots right now, so we'll see if any programs out there get tricked into hiring this "quack" - thanks for your concern
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