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Originally Posted by Misterbill View Post
If I recall an earlier post, didn't you say if someone lives in a "small catchment" area such as yours, there is no need to compete at the state or regional levels to hone college-style skills? Begs the question of why "hundreds" of kids from your little backwater are on traveling teams in baseball, plus "hundreds" for soccer, plus "hundreds" for volleyball. Something doesn't fit or is maybe a little exaggerated is the impression I am getting.
It varies by sport. I didn't meant to says state, if I did, what I meant in the case of our particular back water was regional - for us, west coast, and national, becuase for us state barely counts as traveling.

The point is, for instance, to stick with baseball, they have scouts here and scouts that come here all the time. El Cid is a high school baseball coach. If there is a kid here who has the goods, MLB and college coaches are going to know about it. The competition here is tough enough from an early age that they don't need regional or national experience and/or exposure to develop. But they travel anyway. Not because they have to, but becuase they want to. Because they can.

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