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Originally Posted by woodrow1029 View Post
So, rather than explaining it to the panel of members from the IOC, and getting them to understand the science of it, so that they can have a better understanding of it to make a rational decision based, you would just prefer them to say, "NO! You can't compete. We think it's an advantage, and we are not going to take the time to ask questions and get an explanation and make a decision based on expert opinion?"

That makes a lot of sense.
I never once said I think it's an advantage. I said it's irrelevant whether it's an advantage or not. It's because he doesn't run in the same way as other athletes, which makes the competition unfair.

In trying to determine who is the fastest runner, all runners have to have an equal playing field. Introducing a man who needs something artificial attached to his body in order to run is not an equal playing field. It is not a fair comparison.
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