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Default The USTA wants self rates by whatever means necessary

Just venting ... feel free to pile on or call me out, whatever works for you

For the third year in a row we are advancing to sectionals knowing we are at a severe disadvantage because all of our players are established league players. On the other 5 teams there are a total of 24 self rated self rated players. One team has 8 self rated players on a roster of 15. The self rated players at sectionals have cumulative record of 132 - 18. Most of those 18 loses were from 3 self rated players on perhaps the worst team. If you take out those three players the cumulative record of the self rates is an astounding 127-6.

How is it that the USTA could create a system where long time established consumers have little or no chance to to earn their flagship product ... a National Championship? Instead they have a system that rewards teams who bring in self rated players already playing at, or above the top of the rating level.

Maybe this is what it is all about ... bringing in new players into the USTA by whatever means necessary.

Yes I had a lot of time on my hands today and FWIW every one of our players has been a computer rated 4.0 for at least 4 years.
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