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Originally Posted by 1477aces View Post
Sampras lost to federer here, but in the first set tiebreaker, sampras had set point up 6-5 and federer was serving. the video replay showed that federer's first serve missed, but the first serve was counted in and sampras missed the return. Sampras complained a little, but he didn't get the call. I think there was a good chance sampras would take the set if it was set point on second serve, also, maybe sampras got distracted due to this and lost the tiebreaker. If he beat federer, sampras would have played henman, ivanisivec, and rafter, who I think he could have beat. It wasn't for sure that sampras would have won, but he could definitely have won.
But that was just the 1st set.....
Serve and volley is so hard I can't do it any more...
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