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Originally Posted by Kostas View Post
lol @ the guy going to sectionals for the THIRD straight year *****ing about how he can't compete.

How do you think all the teams in your local league, regional and state feel about you winning the state championship three years in a row?
OH .. they complained and we don't blame them. We started a 4.5 team last year and almost everyone played up expecting to get the bump. We even played well at sectionals the last two years ... finishing a close second the first year and last year we lost 5 MTB combined in the two matches we lost.

We are a good team that has many players who should easily get moved up in November. Everyone of those players has a well earned 4.0 rating that has gotten better over the last 4 years while we were together ... yet we are going into this sectional tourney just like the last two. Chances are a team with at least 4 self rated players in the starting lineup will go to nationals. Compare that to us ... a team that has been dominant and together for several years that likely has no chance.
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