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Originally Posted by West Coast Ace View Post
Why don't you take next yr off - and just take your team (and maybe another team or two in the same boat - real 4.0s with no sandbaggers) and have tournaments, ladders, etc. next year among yourselves. Sounds like you have a decent number of players with similar skills who (although you don't say) get along. You may never go back to USTA leagues.
Actually, I would imagine dizzl and many of his teammates will get bumped up to 4.5.

Since they will then have no chance of making playoffs, that will mercifully free them of all this nonsense, and allow them to focus on enjoying good challenging regular-season matches.

Originally Posted by TeflonTom View Post
never rlly understood the point of national champs anyway

go to all that effort 2 prove u r the best players in the country not 2 be rated at the next level up

any1 who makes sectionals 3yrs in a row are prolly sandbaggers anyway, just smart enough about it 2 avoid gettin bumped
Much as it pains me to do so, I agree with TT
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