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Woodrow, your arguments seem based exclusively on appeal to authority, and those arguments are never very convincing. In this case it amounts to saying: itís okay he is allowed to run with those devices because the authorities in charge said itís okay.

The initial decision not to let him run was reversed on appeal. In the reversal, they acknowledged that he does enjoy an advantage at full speed, as had been previously determined, but they thought that this advantage can be considered sufficiently offset by the disadvantage in the acceleration phase.

Doesnít sound to me like very serious grounds for reversal, in part because of the impossibility of measuring the advantages relative to the disadvantages, but mainly because the rules are clear in this respect: No mechanical devices that provide an advantage are allowed. Period. The decision to allow it on the grounds that the advantage is offset during parts of the race is a joke. Your demand for proofs and demonstrations is unreasonable. The use of those devices clearly violates the basic rules of the game.

Also, the decision to let South Africa go to the final round of the 4x400 after their second man, Mogawane, fell down (supposedly obstructed) is a totally unprecedented, make-it-up-as-you-go-along outrage. The guy was next to last when he fell, but even if he had been first, there is no way you can do this. From now on, if you are not doing so good on the 4x400, just find a way to get yourself obstructed, fall down, and presto your team will be moved to the next round. I have to assume it was done only because Pistorious is in the team. Amazing stuff.
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