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Originally Posted by jmverdugo View Post
ok, this is going to be my last post for today because I am on my second Foster and my ability to type is going down by the sip ...

1. It is possible to measure EVERYTHING relating the blades and Pistorious running style, you can measure (and I mean with real sensors and monitoring systems) any type of advantage he may have, and they know what they have to change in the blade's design to make them perform within the limits of human capabilities, more over (and as I already wrote), the human body cannot tolerate something super human, Pistorious could not handle something that would give him extraordinary abilities because his body cannot handle the extraordinary stress.

2. Rules change all the time, that is how we evolve, the Olympic committee is smart enough to try new things, if you cannot see that then probably you have bigger problems ...
1. No it is not. They are not measuring how he specifically would run with normal legs, compared to artificial ones. Comparing him to how others run is flawed, because it's impossible to know how he would run if he had legs.
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