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Last tourney I was in I was watching a mixed open match.... dude was at the baseline and looked like he was gonna rip a forehand crosscourt, but actually went down the line.... and nailed the opponent lady up at the net in the head as she tried to duck out of the way for game point. Then he turned and walked away as his lady partner called out "good shot". Hard core, no mercy.

I go down the line often, so occasionally my shot gets close to or hits the net person. I do it because I have a heavy topspin shot that works really well for DTL, and I want the net player to freeze. It makes it so much easier to pass them down the middle when they know they have to guard the line. In rec play, everyone knows I go DTL often, so its no big deal... but in league or tourneys since I'm always playing against my level opponent or higher.... I don't really care so much what they think. I know I usually am not trying to hit anyone, and if I do and didn't mean to, I apologize. After that, what they think or say doesn't matter to me.
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