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From the wikipedia article (sorry if this has been pointed out before, I haven't read the entire thread)
In November 2007, Pistorius was invited to take part in a series of scientific tests at the Cologne Sports University under the guidance of Professor of Biomechanics Dr Peter Brüggemann in conjunction with Mr Elio Locatelli, who was responsible with the IAAF of all technical issues. After two days of tests Brüggemann reported on his findings on behalf of the IAAF. The report claimed that Pistorius's limbs used 25% less energy than runners with complete natural legs to run at the same speed, and that they led to less vertical motion combined with 30% less mechanical work for lifting the body.[34] In December, Brüggemann told Die Welt newspaper that Pistorius "has considerable advantages over athletes without prosthetic limbs who were tested by us. It was more than just a few percentage points. I did not expect it to be so clear.
Pistorius subsequently appealed against the adverse decision to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) in Lausanne, Switzerland, and appeared before the tribunal at the end of April 2008.[38] After a two-day hearing, on 16 May 2008 the Court of Arbitration for Sport upheld Pistorius's appeal and the IAAF council decision was revoked with immediate effect. The CAS panel unanimously determined that Dr. Brüggemann only tested Pistorius's biomechanics at full-speed when he was running in a straight line (unlike a real 400-metre race), that the report did not consider the disadvantages that Pistorius suffers at the start and acceleration phases of the race, and that overall there was no evidence that he had any net advantage over able-bodied athletes.

So the whole thing is based on the inability to measure the extent of the disadvantage during the acceleration phase. Since he specializes in 400 metres, the acceleration phase is probably no more than 60 metres or 15% of the race. The remaining 85% he is running with the advantages described by Dr Peter Brüggemann above, which seem very considerable and, to my knowledge, were not disputed. The whole thing hinges on inability to measure the exact net advantage. Doesn't seem very serious to me at all as grounds for allowing it. Maybe it has some media value, I don't know. In any case, normal running is done on legs. Skating is done on skates, blading on blades, and so on. Whatever it is that he is doing, he is not running in the same sense the others are running.

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