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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
Sappy has a Vincent I think. Zap might but hes keeping it secret. He also may have sold it to cover his getting off of his felony charge and not serving time.

Dats a while pack started a post with different dudes sticks ans setups and stuff. Probably like 500 ppost back or more.

Zap took the lead to recylcing to get money for a pack of Kunzlers.
wow, it's next to impossible to find Kunzler's hot dogs or deli meats nowadays in our area. I think Dietz and Watson's or Boar's Head has taken over their turf. But yeah, their deli meats were really good.
Kunzler's had some amazing full sour pickles. Really good crisp to it. It came in these wooden barrels. Was kinda scary that anyone could of reached in with tongs and got it. And even scarier with ppl like me who just use our hands.
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