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Originally Posted by Angle Queen View Post

I often use that strategy if, for nothing else, to throw my opponents off. Make 'em hit a real passing shot or a decent lob (luckily, I'm still, cough, young enough to chase some of them down). Certainly at the low(er) level I play at, you don't see too many S&Vers so it often works, at least for the first set. By then, though, the damage is usually done and they can't figure out if I'm coming in or not!

And your volleying will get better the more you do it!
AQ. I need volley lessons. My skills are going down the tubes. I haven't played in 3 weeks! =(
btw, made anything cool lately for dinner?
depending on how the weather is this weekend, planning to make this beef bone noodle soup. I call it Mad Cow Special in a bowl.

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