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Originally Posted by Automatix View Post
Since so much is out I guess it's okay if I elabore a bit.

The new models are:
F 2.0 Tour
F 3.0 Tour
F 5.0 Tour

M 2.0
M 3.0
M 5.0
M 6.0

S 3.0 Lite
S 5.0 Lite
S 6.0 Lite
S 8.0 Lite

All of the above feature the new head shape HOWEVER there are also some models named similar but with an additional "Classic" word in their name and they feature the old head shape.

Any info on the strung swingweight? I'm especially interested in the F 3.0 Tour and F 5.0 Tour racquets. Tennis magazine listed the strung weight of the F 3.0 Tour at 11.5 oz.
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