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Originally Posted by hollywood9826 View Post
Thats what I was thinking. If the Blades are that godly when you get up to speed he should be breaking WR every other week in the 800m. Why not go all out and run marathons. Heck he probably dont even have to move once he gets going the blades will just bounce him all along on the downhills.
Maybe because he is a sprinter, not a marathon runner?

If you allow me to "run" a marathon on inline skates, against the best marathon runners (running on their feet) I can guarantee you I will not win it. Is that proof that I did not have an advantage? Hardly, because the best marathon inline skaters would beat the best marathon runner by more than one hour.

The main advantage enjoyed by Pistorius is related to the fact that we cannot bring the current 400 m specialists back to their infancy, amputate their legs, give them 20 years to practice on blades, and see how fast they "run" the 400m. Since this can't happen, there is always some microscopic room for doubts, which, if wisely combined with the mediatic value of the cinderella aspect of the story, is sufficient to allow it.
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