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Originally Posted by goober View Post
Wait till you move up to higher levels than 6.5. I would say the majority of males in competitive matches always go after the female with full swings regardless of her position on the court since most of the time except in the occasional cases where the female is the higher rated player.
I know that 7.0 is not much higher than 6.5, but I haven't found your statement to be true. Every match I play at the 7.0 level, I'm expecting just what you describe because they know I'm the weak-link 3.0. I'm especially expecting it on the return of serve when my 4.0 partner is serving and I'm at the net, but 99% of the time the guy rips a return cross court. During the one match the guy didn't return cross court and I found I couldn't get set up for the volleys in time (I didn't get hit, just couldn't get the ball back) I moved back to the baseline so I could have a little more time to react.

Going back the OP: as the weakest player on the court (usually) during my 7.0 mixed matches, I expect to be hit at every time I take the net. I will also go at the net person myself if I have the opportunity and that's the best shot.

By "go at", I mean hitting towards the court where they are standing - at their feet if I'm volleying, or at their stomach (just over the net) if I'm hitting a ground stroke.
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