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I agree now that there seems to be two layers of lead. Using TW's customization calculator, that would put Tsonga's swingweight in the mid to upper 380s! Moreover that 14 grams increases the plow index % by 23.4% -- that's a ton. That racquet must annihilate the ball on impact, especially in Tsonga's hands. With respect to the handle, however much weight they add there won't affect the swingweight but just the balance and static weight. I'd guess they add 15 to 20 grams of their material to the handle.

Originally Posted by RJYU View Post
We rarely add silicone to any racquets. We use a different preferred material. We only use silicone unless specifically asked by a player, which doesn't occur very often.
Thanks for chiming in, Ron. I'm also interested in this preferred material. For one, it would be great if us lay customizers could know of a material that lacks some undesirable features of silicone and has some desirable features of its own. Though I understand if the identity of the preferred material is, as it were, a secret ingredient in your methods that you don't want out in the open.
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