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Originally Posted by Mauvaise View Post
I know that 7.0 is not much higher than 6.5, but I haven't found your statement to be true. Every match I play at the 7.0 level, I'm expecting just what you describe because they know I'm the weak-link 3.0. I'm especially expecting it on the return of serve when my 4.0 partner is serving and I'm at the net, but 99% of the time the guy rips a return cross court. During the one match the guy didn't return cross court and I found I couldn't get set up for the volleys in time (I didn't get hit, just couldn't get the ball back) I moved back to the baseline so I could have a little more time to react.

Going back the OP: as the weakest player on the court (usually) during my 7.0 mixed matches, I expect to be hit at every time I take the net. I will also go at the net person myself if I have the opportunity and that's the best shot.

By "go at", I mean hitting towards the court where they are standing - at their feet if I'm volleying, or at their stomach (just over the net) if I'm hitting a ground stroke.
My first seasons of mixed were 7.0 as the 3.0 player. I think the reasons the guys aren't going for you is likely your partner's serve. If your 4.0 partner has a good serve, it is a tough ask to take that ball to the 3.0 lady at the net. This is especially so if the serve goes to the BH.

I remember that the best thing I could do was stay as close to the net no matter what, racket up. I would just try to touch the ball, and that was usually good enough. Usually the opponents would leave me alone if I could get the first one back.

Ah, good times.
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