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Originally Posted by SlapShot View Post
I've tried lots of polys for a cross previously, but want to expand my horizons.

My priorities (in order of importance) are:
1. Soft, but not dead feel. I'll be stringing at 54# or so, so I don't want mushy, but I want a little bit of touch.
2. Playability time - I don't want dead crosses after 3-4 hours.
3. Thin gauge. In an 18x20, I prefer 17 or 17L in the cross to keep the string bed a bit more lively and spin friendly.

Previously, I've used the classic Luxilon cross (both BBO and Alu), B5E, Cyberflash, etc. I guess I would prefer a smooth poly for a cross for the time being, and something that's not going to break the bank.

What say you, gut-poly fans?
WC Mosquito Bite is my favorite cross to gut mains:

1. Very soft and not dead in feel. Actually a very great "touch" poly, #1 in that regard for me.
2. Doesn't go dead "like" other polys, stays lively and comfy for over 12 hours in my trials; when it does die, you barely notice.
3. 1.16 mm 17L string. It is my go-to doubles setup. I experiment with others but always have a go-to ToughGut/MosquitoBite setup strung and ready.

Out of trials through various MSV crosses, Tourna BHB, lux's, polystars, etc... this one still holds as my fav. It compliments gut nicely, providing the best feel out of all of them. When/if it goes dead, it is the least noticeable one, while Tourna and Lux turn into a brick you can feel them harshen up after 3-6 hours, even with gut mains; and MSV polys are a good second, co-focus stays nice and lively for a while too.
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