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Originally Posted by shogun90 View Post
Hi, I find that when playing doubles and I get an overhead, I tend to smash it at the person near the net. I don't deliberately aim for him/her but my smashes seemed to usually land right in front of them. When I prepare to smash I do not look to where the opponents are, I just smash it. Does anyone else find themselves doing the same. I rarely hit the person, usually it just bounces in front of them and goes over their heads.
Usually when you get an overhead you are at the net and the opposing net man is cross court. Since most folks hit their overheads to the biggest part of the court it makes sense you would hit it in that direction.

However, hitting overheads is one of the things I do best and I rarely (if ever) have hit overheads that bounce in front of a guy at the net and then go over their heads. In order to do that, either the opposing net man has to be really far back or you need to be right on top of the net. Rarely do I play tennis where either of these things happen. Usually when I hit overheads I am at or behind the service line.
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