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Originally Posted by Mike Bulgakov View Post
Of course, pickled herring is best taken from a bistro along with dill pickles and dark rye. It is then best enjoyed in a cab with Stolichnaya on the way home.

In Russia, herring on rye bread is often a very basic dish, served as an appetizer with many other dishes. There are many good Russian recipes for salads with pickled herring.

I would recommend the basic Danish smørrebrød, which is a buttered dark rye single piece of bread, pickled herrings (not too much), red onions, and fresh dill. Other ingredients, like capers, are often added. In Denmark, this is usually served with with other kinds of smørrebrød.

On its own, it might be a little dull, depending on the quality and freshness of the pickled herring. Using a little imagination is a good thing here.

Another option is to go the Midsommar route. I like to have small potatoes with sour cream and chives, and a Russian-style beetroot salad (not a traditional part of the meal, of course) with pickled herring.

I notice the last Danish football hooligan leave the Bistro. She was using the lemur as a pillow. He is pretty angry.
Being the quoted is the only post i have read in this thread (legendary thread by post count) it is clear to me if i start from the beginning i will not leave my 'puter (yes ok, it's a mac) for days. And my family is not tolerant of such behavior.

May I simply jump in as a stranger? Are you tolerant of this behavior? I like you folks based solely on that one post. No ****. And not in a 'flattery will get you...' sort of thing.

Thanks in advance.
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