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Default It is interesting that playing a weaker opponent improves my game so much

I usually play tennis with a group of "tennis buddies" 2-3 times a week. Most of them are better than me (they are faster and they know my weakness). I always have very tough singles matches with them, and often end up losing.

Early this week I was invited to a singles match against a guy I knew I can beat. He is a pusher, but his shots are slow, allowing me to dictate where I want to hit the next one. When playing him I let myself loose, and focus in hitting the ball early and guiding my shots to either side of his court. I gradually increased power in my shots, while keeping my shots safely in the court. And when his shots were short, I rushed the net with confidence.

I won the match 6-3, 6-1.

Then I came back and played one of my buddies who I have never been able to beat. He loves to moon-ball my 1HBH and see my suffer. However, for some reason, I used some of the strokes that I used against the pusher, and was able to strike his moonballs back to his side, often near the side lines. I made him run. He was not able to moon-ball me any more. Instead, he produced some short ones which I went forward and killed. Amazingly, I won, with a big margin.

Then I face another one who is very fast, and is usually able to cover anything. I had never beat him before, either. Again I used the same strokes that I used against the pusher. Hit the ball early, keep it safe, and make him run. Rush the net when the ball is short. With the new confidence and fewer errors, I won again.

It is amazing that a match with a weaker opponent would help build my game and produce such positive results. I guess I will call that pusher for another match next week......
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