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Originally Posted by mikej View Post
**edit - as a more concrete example - Clark predicted a lopsided victory for UVA over two-time defending champs USC before that title match in 2011 - is he just one of many fedace-like UVA fans? - not my opinion but it follows from your argument - i didn't know your opinion of him was that low...**
Just to set the record straight, I made two posts during the 2011 NCAA final 16 that you misunderstand and continue to harp on:

1. After UVa pulled out a 4-3 win over Stanford (Singh had to win a 3rd set over Clayton at #3 with the dual match at 3-3), Fedace posted a very depressed sounding message. I responded by saying that he should not feel bad, that when the tournament was over, it might be that we would look back and say that Stanford played UVa as well as anyone. I was a few points away from being absolutely right on that statement, but in any case, the intent of the post was to express sympathies to Fedace. Given all the smack he had talked about Stanford knocking UVa out of the tournament, I could have been gloating over the victory and taunting him. Instead, I was trying to be conciliatory. You took the point of the whole post as me predicting a national title. While I certainly thought UVa could and would win the title that year (and was wrong that they would), that was not the focus or intent of the post.

I think I can pretty well imagine what you would have posted if Fedace had been talking smack about Duke, and Duke had knocked Stanford out of the NCAAs on their home courts in Palo Alto. I doubt that your post would have been one of consolation to Fedace.

2. On The Sabre (UVa message boards), there were lots of pessimistic posters who had it all worked out that USC would win the final and UVa was a big underdog. I get tired of that kind of pessimism from UVa's own fans, so I posted a match listing and argued that each of our players was at least even with the USC opponent, and any or all of our guys could win. That is not quite the same as saying: "The match will definitely end up 4-0 for UVa with the three unfinished matches all comfortably under control for UVa." USC won decisively at #5, so I was wrong big time at that position, but the other five matches were close and UVa took three of them. The intent of the post was to encourage UVa fans who seemed overly pessimistic to me. Because you read The Sabre tennis board, you came over here and made a big deal about it. If I had posted the same things on a USC board or at Talk Tennis, that would be different.

So, two posts that were designed to encourage others were blown up into "Clark is another trash-talking Fedace who predicts his team will cream everyone." Get a clue, and get over it.

I try to compliment other teams when discussing tennis with their fans. (I make exceptions for UNC and Georgia, but I will not digress to explain that here.) I root for other ACC teams to win in order for the conference to gain in reputation, while you obviously root for UVa to lose.

Perhaps we should count up all the posts in which you have encouraged the fans of other teams, rooted for other teams in the ACC to win, etc. How long would that list be? Did you ever encourage Fedace after a Stanford loss?
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