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I agree with the first part of this, but to say "most" would get back an overhead just because they play at a higher level...I don't know about that. I think that would depend on where the overhead is hit. If everyone is in the service box I think a better number would probably be like some will get it back. I guess it also would depend on who's hitting them as well. I know I hit a pretty mean one and I do as you suggested put mine away through the middle of the court and I don't care who's there. Most people get out of the they should. You are defenseless no matter what level you play when someone is bringing down the overhead from one service box and you are in yours.

Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
it works, but it also allows free reign for your opponent's to smash the ball down you throat.
Plus, at higher levels than you play, most players will get your overhead back no matter how hard you hit it near them.
Doubles, aim your overheads mainly up the middle, between the two opponents, then when they cheat that way, use the alley.
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