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Originally Posted by SystemicAnomaly View Post
Not too certain about that. As the TW racquet (technology) reviews mention, there are 2 versions of the Cortex technology used in Babolat raquets. One of these might have some effect on frame vibration and perhaps only a marginal effect, if any, on shock. The other version may very well have a greater effect -- it may very well offer some moderate dampening and isolation.

Babolat racquets seem to have a reputation for being arm-hostile (unfriendly). However, from TW tester reviews it appears that some of the Babolat frames have very good comfort ratings. Even so, I would not suggest most, if any, Babolat racquets to someone seeking an arm-friendly frame.
I think there are now 3 Cortex systems that you'll commonly find today in Babolat racquets. These are the 2 older systems:

The one on the left is found in the Aero series of racquets and is supposed to be the more comfortable version of the two. The one on the right is on the previous (pre-2012) Pure Drive and filters out less vibrations to give more feel (probably due to complaints about earlier PD's having a hollow feel).

The newest Cortex system is the Active Cortex on the 2012 Pure Drive.

Unfortunately, the description of the new technology on TW and Babolat's websites are vague. It reminds me of when a company says "new and improved". Sometimes there's truth to it, and sometimes it's nothing more than a marketing gimmick or even an excuse to make a change that lowers manufacturing costs. If anyone knows anything about the new Active Cortex, feel free to chime in.

In my personal experience with the Aero Storm Tour GT and AeroPro Drive GT, I found both frames to be harsh on the elbow. Both of them have what is supposedly the more comfortable version of the original Cortex system. Judging by the abundance of posts associating the ADPGT and PD to tennis elbow, it seems I'm not alone in thinking that these particular models are not good for players with elbow problems.

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