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Originally Posted by ClarkC View Post
Just to set the record straight........(an hour later)...................Stanford loss?
i got way lost in that

first of all i don't know what two posts you are talking about, i was only bringing up the one where people were giving predictions for the final and yours listed a score for a UVA shutout over USC

the whole point of my post was that rational people can predict a different victor than the team that is a multiple time defending champ - something another person (BHSC = boar's head sports club = UVA fan) was saying wasn't reasonable and indicates fedace-level bias, etc...i figured giving him a concrete example of one of his own doing the same was a valid counterargument, my bad yo!

i don't get what you're objecting to? you didn't pick UVA over USC in that final? you aren't to be used as an example of a rational person who thinks maybe his team has surpassed the defending champs from one year to the next?

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