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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Dude, if you crush your pro level overhead up the middle, between the two players, nobody of any level will get it back.
However, if you "crush" your overhead right at the netperson's feet, and he's standing at his service line, you at yours, he will get it back most times if he's a decent net player younger than 70 years old.
If they get a racket on your overhead, theres a good chance it's coming back.
Agreed. Hitting the angle is often the best play if you are close to the net. It gives the opponent more difficulty getting a racket on it. And if they can touch it, anything can happen.

Also, the power you need is less if you hit the angle while close to the net. The power you need if you want to blow someone out of their shoes is higher, hence the potential for a miss is higher.
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