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Originally Posted by michael_1265 View Post
All is fair. That being said, my wife, who is a 2.5 and I are starting to play mixed together. Since 6.0 isn't an option, we will play 6.5, which makes it likely we will face a 4.0 man (I'm a 3.5).
In 6.5 combo, you're much more likely to face a 3.5 man and 3.0 woman or 3.5 woman and 3.0 man. In my experience, most 4.0's don't play 6.5 because they'd have to play with a 2.5.

I'm a 4.5 woman, and have played a lot of mixed at several levels. Every level has different tactics. I played 7.5 combo mixed last year with a 3.0 (beginner) man partner. We played many 3.5 woman/4.0 man teams. We played a few 3.5 man / 4.0 woman team. Frankly, the most dangerous people I've ever played in mixed were the 3.5 men. You just never know what will come off their racquet, so you better be alert at the net. They can usually hit the ball hard but they have no control and they often feel the need to try to hit winners from anywhere on the court. They hit a lot at the net person because most lower level players that they are used to playing don't have very good volleys or reflexes. My 3.0 partner and I did well against the 3.5 men/4.0 women, and it was mostly because the 3.5 men continued to hit every ball to me even though I was the most consistent player on the court. I'm not sure why they did that. Testosterone perhaps? We had a tougher time with the 3.5 woman / 4.0 man combinations. The 4.0 men usually noticed that my 3.0 partner was a beginner, and they would feed him balls until he hit one out. They pretty much kept me out of the match entirely. The 4.0 men were not wild for the most part.

I mostly play 8.5 and 9.0 mixed which usually involves 4.5 and 5.0 men. They usually try to control the match more with their spin and placement. They rarely hit the ball really hard at the net person because there is an expectation that people can actually volley at these levels. It's a totally different game at these levels.
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