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Originally Posted by wrxinsc View Post

May I simply jump in as a stranger? Are you tolerant of this behavior?
Thanks in advance.
Welcome wrxinsc. Once you've passed the Komrade Bulgakov initiation right of passage, you're good to go!

Originally Posted by Mike Bulgakov
Everyone is welcome at the Bistro. Just don't look up at the ceiling fan...
...especially after Mike's plied me with 10 too many 'Siberian-sized' shots of Stoli ...

"ILC, my beloved 'Kumquat', watch this!... I dedicate this to you my beloved:
'el jumpo, de murerte!....the jump of death!"

Ah, speaking of Komrade Bulgakov, here's the handsome devil himself:

again, welcome wrxinsc
~ILC's a kumquat~
The hotdog's the most noble of dogs. It feeds the hand that bites it.
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