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Originally Posted by PKfan1 View Post
I think the cyberflash mains would be the better choice going from a full bed.

I'm not sure what tensions you normally play with, but I am very pleased with BHB7 mains and BHS crosses @62lbs
I strung Cyber Flash mains at 55 lbs and Head RIP Control crosses at 57 lbs.

Last Thursday I played a practice session. I noticed the additional weight from the Cyber Flash. Besides I already added 5 grams of lead at 12. I hit more balls long than usual due to the higher swingweight.

After my hitting partners finished and they went home I still practiced my serves for half an hour.

I needed to focus on a relaxed and accurate toss to be able to accelerate my serve motion fluently. Then I was rewarded with a solid feel and a nice twack sound from the Cyber Flash strings.

I think I 'll remove the lead strips (5 grams) because I felt it added too much power especially with my groundstrokes. Besides my volleys were easier without the lead and I think the Redondo is already rock solid at the net in stock condition.
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