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ive used head radical - very durable, good for flat hitting, not much spin.

wilson US open - very nice carnt comment on durability used it 1 really liked them, Heavy balls

slazenger hi vis - very nice, alot of spin, power but durability not good especially outside fluffs up very quick, but keeps it bounce but not spin when used. very light ball

Slazenger hydroguard - good, average nothing bad/worth talking.

slazenger extra life - really liked this kept its fluff outside for a bit, kept its bounce, really liked this

slazenger open ball - couldnt tell the difference between this and hydrguard

slazenger tournemant ball - so far best ball ive used, only bought 1 can should have go more, very fast ball with, lots of spin, light ball, not as light as hi vis

going to try some PENN championship balls next
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