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Originally Posted by michael_1265 View Post
I am okay with the play. I just think that the repeated application of the tactic by someone who has better options is not good form, and makes for a less than enjoyable match. My personal policy is to lay off if the woman is playing a "passive" net. If she starts to poach, than the light just turned green. The imbalances caused by mixed combo are a special case, I think. If you have four 4.0s on the court, there isn't any need for such considerations.

I was concerned about your remark that you would "take exception" if the guy hit at your wife at net. The last thing league competitive tennis needs is another guy who starts an argument when his wife learns she doesn't have a force field around her at net.

If you meant that you would suggest to her that she play from the baseline, that is fine.

I also doubt that special dispensation is owed because the four players are not at the same rating level. Anyone who plays up is presumably doing it because they can hang. People who cannot hang should not play up and then complain if the opponents take them seriously.
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