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Default Discho Iontec Black 1.25/Kirschbaum Synthetic Gut 1.30

Frame: YouTek Radical Pro
String: Discho Iontec Black 1.25/Kirschbaum Synthetic Gut 1.30
Tension: 49/51

Finished my playtest, review to come.

Cake Cake Cake. KBS is just limp enough to weave like a champ but can push through blocked holes with ease. I'm really starting to like this purchase...If my customers like it as well, I may have to buy another reel.

Ground Strokes:

Ok, wow, I'm really impressed by this string's neutrality; yes, I know that's a paradox. What I mean to say is that while this string doesn't provide huge spin, doesn't really do anything crazy special, it's comfortable and decently powerful. To quote PvAudio's review of Isospeed Baseline/OGSM, you get what you put in here. Power is good and can even get a touch uncontrollable if you're not careful. I would call this setup a budget hitting combo. It cost me all of 4 dollars and lasted ~4 hours. A friend of mine even hit with it once it was borderline popping/ starting to move around and was surprised with how soft the string bed was.

Honestly, I like it. I'm not able to get those silly 6+ foot kickers that spin off but I can do quite a bit with it. Flat serves are powerful if you can control them and there's enough spin to hit slices and kick serves.

One word, great. The softness of the stringbed gives you a really nice response whether you want to punch into a slow volley or use the incoming speed to redirect it. It's not amazing, but for the price, it's amazing haha.

Durability/Tension Maintenance:
4 hours, pretty consistent. Iontec is just iontec. It does it's job and the softness of the KBS complements the ItB very nicely and doesn't bite through the poly like OGSM did-- that was a disaster haha. The slight feeling I didn't like at first disappears when crossed with KBS.

Overall, I'm really impressed. This is a great off-season string for me to practice with because it forces me to work on my technique and racquet head speed to get the shots that I want. There are no freebies like with Black 7. The beautiful part is I don't feel bad in the least stringing it, replacing it, and playing it to death.

Groundstrokes: 3.5-4/5
Serves:4/5 Plus in flat, minus in spin, overall decent and comfortable above all else
Volleys:4/5 Soft, versatile.
Durability:3.5/5 Some heavy topspin hitting will eat the crosses like pudding. Otherwise, not bad.
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