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Clive Walker
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For me playing mixed league tennis (in the UK) it's totally acceptable to have a few pops at the woman at the net, but I feel that (for my own game) it has to be the right shot, and the right time.

In lower standard of tennis than I play (and I'm not great by any means) I see quite a few people simply picking on the weakest player and removing the strongest player from the game as best they can...

While that is a decent tactic for match play it teaches you nothing about tennis when there is no weaker player or in terms of personal game development, and gives you no options when playing up. I try to help out a bit as I remember what it was like when I was a lower standard player hoping to get a game against the better players in the club- Start taking a pop at the weaker net player purely because you feel that you have more chance of winning if you put it there is the wrong tactic to pursue in terms of learning the game, and IME will end up with the stonger player refusing to play down with you, even in a social game play manner.
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