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if u r playin purely 2 win, go for it

if ur playin for fun, dont be a ******. dont bomb weak players n beat them purely with pace. it doesnt teach u anythin and its no fun for the person ur beatin up on. rule of thumb for rec mixed is dont give a weak player a shot any harder than the ones they r hittin themselves

if ur playin for a combination of winnin and fun, n wanna develop urself, play the match as if both players r equal standard. playin the weak net player all the time is takin the easy way out, but goin outta ur way 2 avoid the net player aint natural either

mix it up. even if both players were the same standard u would still be goin down the line and hittin dippers at the net man occasionally 2 keep em honest. so dont feel like u cant do it at all

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