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I am wondering if getting lean will help me with the sweating. I am not even fat, I am just muscular, built like a wrestler, sprinter, track cyclist type basically.

I was rather lean in high school and got some mass when I was in college since I was lifting heavy for lacrosse. Probably gained 20 pounds, and everyone thought on was on roids (wasn't).

Anyway, I am going to see what my body says after this diet.

I always do atkins for a few weeks to kick it off, and so far it is working great. I am down 4 pounds. Also did a pretty awesome little exercise yesterday. I woke up, had 3 eggs and some grilled chicken and then cycled 5 miles to my gym. Got there and did a nice workout and then jumped rope. I then cycled back home (my bike has 1 gear so it is awesome for these types of rides).

Anyway, I feel like this type of workout is perfect for building endurance, which is my main goal. It is nice to be pretty built but it hurts your endurance so much, at least mine.

Thing I hate about atkins is how you just eat meat and cheese basically, I am not sure how people do this longterm, but I am planning to max out at 100 carbs a day after this. I find that to be rather easy especially after limiting myself to 20. The thing I love about atkins is how long I can go with just one meal even after exercising. It just really lowers your appetite so much.
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